A Short Introduction..


Open Letters to the Industry

I grew up with video games; as so many of us now have.  This is not unusual anymore, it’s become a major part of our arts and entertainment culture.  It’s our way to explore, learn and relax.  Connect with others, relieve stress and expand our horizons.  It’s more interactive than a movie, rivals the narratives of great books and allows us to enter paintings previously bound to wood, paper and canvas.  But as years pass, it’s popularity amongst such a large portion of the modern developed world spiked.   This coincided with our ability to communicate globally with each other and with the creators of such works.  This communication can be both forward, but also fantastically toxic.  As a member of the creative industry, I know what it’s like to spend your life working on something you love only to have that hard work torn down in seconds.  

         I can’t stop people from getting hurt.  But maybe I can help.  Maybe we can help.

This project is not only a practice in sharing what I love; but also an outlet to remind those involved how important they are.